GRECI ENZO - Jolly Cured Ham Pear Shape 14 Months Approx. 7.500g (Price x kg

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GRECI ENZO - ADDOBBO Cured "Pear Shape" Ham - 14 Months - Boneless

Greci Enzo spa, a historic company specialized in the production of raw Parma ham, is situated in Felino at the heart of the Food Valley.

Established in 1948, over the years the company has associated artisanal tradition with the most advanced production technology

Greci Enzo spa produces PDO Raw Parma Ham. The PDO “Protected Designation of Origin” denomination defines hams obtained from the rear haunches of pigs born, bred and slaughtered in specific Italian regions and produced in a well-defined area of the province of Parma

The experience, the safety of controls, the selection of the finest raw materials, the microclimate, the environmental components guarantee the best quality of our products.

ENERGY 1056kJ/253Kcal
FAT 16 g
of which saturates 5,3 g
of which sugars 0 g
SALT 4,6 g

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High quality jolly boneless pear shape (round) leg of pork (Prosciutto), salted and cured for a period of 10-14 months to achieve its distinguished texture and taste.

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