fior di latte

LATTERIA VESUVIANA - Neapolitan Fior di Latte in Water - 6 x 500 gr

GHIDETTI - Gorgonzola DOP Sostenuto - Approx 1.600 (Price x Kg)

GHIDETTI - Gorgonzola DOP Sostenuto - Approx 1.900 ( Price x Kg )

Tartufo Nero Pregiato - Black Winter Truffle Approx 120 g ( Price x 100 g )

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Brand: Faiello

Origins: Italy

Unit of mesurement: 100g (Might vary slightly due to the nature of the product)

Characteristic: Small in diameter, Its scent is delicate and pleasant not too intense. The taste is slightly sweet.

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 For Pre-order please Call 02080993949

The Nero Pregiato, (Tuber Melanosporum) grows well amongst the roots of various types of trees such as Turkey oak, downy oak, holm oak, hazelnut, lime, hornbeam and prefers calcareous, permeable soils, and with good sun exposure.

 In Italy, the Precious Black Truffle is typical of the territory of Norcia, Perugia. Nero Pregiato is harvested, "quarried" from November 15th to March 15th, a characteristic that makes it the undisputed protagonist of winter recipes

Its shape is rounded, rather regular and Its dimensions can be disparate, and vary from those of a hazelnut size to those of a large potato size.

 The peridium is black and wrinkled, dotted with small dark warts (hence the name Melanosporum) but the gleba is purplish black, furrowed by thin light veins, which when exposed to the air take on red tones.

Its scent is delicate and pleasant, not too intense. The taste is very particular, almost sweetish, which is why the Nero Pregiato is often called "sweet truffle."

This Truffle variety is extremely versatile. Can be consumed raw but is even tastier when cooked. Unlike the white Truffle, it holds up very well when cooked. It releases characteristic aromas and flavours in the best possible way, especially in creaming.

Perfect for preparing risotto, pasta sauces, sauces to be enjoyed on hot croutons, it is also ideal cut into slices and cooked together with roasts, or used raw, in strips, to flavour hot soups, polenta, mashed potatoes, fried eggs, to which it gives a unique taste and scent.

 As for the combinations with wine, the Black Truffle goes very well with rather structured reds, perhaps aged in cask. Perfect with Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo or Montepulciano d'Abbruzzo.