O SOLE E NAPULE - Broccoli ( Friarielli ) Napoletani in Oil - 520gr Jar

O SOLE E NAPULE - Friarielli ( Broccoli ) of Naples in Oil - 520gr


RIVERDENE - Artichoke Hearts in Brine - 12x390g

NOBILE - Fagioli Rossi (Red Kidney) - 12x400gr

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Brand: Nobile

Pack: 12 tins of 400gr

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Red Kidney beans are rich in protein and carbohydrates but low in fat. Red beans contain iron and are particularly suitable for those suffering from anemia and for those who potentially have a shortage of this substance (for example vegans and vegetarians).


About Nobile:

This brand selects the raw materials, controls all processes and ensures the consumer a safe, healthy and genuine product.