FERRARINI - Storico Big Cooked Ham Approx 10kg Price x kg

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Sales unit of measure: piece of 10 kg approx.
Matured: 12 months
Origins: Rivaltella (Reggio Emilia), Italy
Brand: Ferrarini
Characteristics: Rigorous process of  maturation, made from 21 aromatic herbs
Tips: Great as starter
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Storico (Historic) Is a cooked ham made "as it once was", with raw material rigorously selected from Italian - bred pig.The production process is highly artisanal: the thighs are carefully boned by hand to maintain the anatomical shape, subsequently sewn and tied by hand, then put in linen sheets for slow steaming. The traditional Ferrarini brine is made from 21 aromatic herbs.Sold in pieces of approximately 10kg.This ham is produced following a rigorous process of  maturation and aging that lasts up to 12 months in special dedicated cellars. Strict controls are applied to ensure the natural colour, the presentation of the cut and the its organoleptic characteristics.

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