REGA - Crushed Tomatoes Strianese Pizza Ready - 3x4kg - Case

REGA - Crushed Tomatoes - 3x4kg

REGA - Plum Tomatoes - Pomodori Pelati - 6x2.5kg - Case

REGA - Plum Tomatoes - 6x2.500gr

ANGELICA - Plum Tomatoes - 6x2.500gr

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The our great value plum tomatoes "Angelica" is the best for quality/price ratio, the peeled tomatoes have their skins removed and then they are immersed in a rich passata.
The idea of the Angelica brand is born when we wanted to give to our customer a products with a great quality at the best price.
With 1.7kg of drained tomatoes the tin is full of our Italian tomatoes chosen accurately and bring here just for you!

Angelica, Our passion for your happiness!

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Angelica Plum tomatoes are a great value product. The producers of these tomatoes were picked by Prestige for their consistent quality. This is a Prestige exclusive label created with the pizza maker in mind. The tomatoes are chunky yet soft in a natural tomato juice.