REGA - San Marzano D.O.P Tomatoes - 6X2.5kg

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The San Marzano tomato DOP (protected designation of origin) is a unique product in the world and it is cultivated only in 41 municipalities in the province of Naples, Avellino, salerno located in the region Campania so as stipulated by the Rules of production article 10 of Regulation EEC n. 2081 dated July 14 1992.

This REGA is a replacement of the STRIANESE.

The product inside is exactly the same you can check this from the code printed on the tin. For the STRIANESE the last code used was STR1 B 216 and for the REGA the beginning of the code is exactly the same STR1 B 216

Drained weight is 1.66 Kg

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