GUSTAROSSO - 'Spunzillo' Whole Piennolo Tomatoes - 400g - Tin

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GUSTAROSSO - 'Spunzillo' Whole Piennolo Tomatoes - 400g - Tin

"Spunzillo" is the ancient name given by the farmers of our area to the typical pizzutello tomato of the Vesuvian area. Of oval shape, slightly elongated and with the characteristic "lace" finish, the peel of these tomatoes is more resistant than the others and this makes them perfect for the prolonged cooking of some sauces.

Whole tomatoes immersed in a beautiful tomatoes sauce

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Ruggiero family since 1910

Since 1910 Ruggiero family of Sarno (SA) has been direct growers of PDO San Marzano tomato, the tomato famous all over the world.

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DANIcoop is an agricultural cooperative with more than 100 members and one of its main activities is marketing San Marzano PDO plum tomatoes. Our cooperative supports the Presidio Slow Food foundation with regard to, is entered on the Fattorie Didattiche (educational farms) register of the Campania Region and is a member of the farmers association, Coldiretti of Salerno.

DANIcoop meticulously supervises the entire production process of San Marzano tomatoes, supplying our member with plants and providing them with technical assistance throughout the transplanting, growth and harvesting phases. Behind every can of San Marzano tomatoes marketed by DANIcoop there is a production chain, made up of farmers, experts and controls of the raw material, working to bring our country's best products into the homes of the consumers.

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