Paletta Raccogli Cenere "Peel For Ashes" 22x20cm & 175cm - GIMETAL

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When using any type of pizza oven, it’s fundamental to regularly clean it, to guarantee that it works efficiently, a good duration in time, that the foods cooked inside don’t assume bad odors or tastes and that the cooking itself is developped in perfect safety.

The taste and the quality of your pizza are not only tied up to the ingredients and the type of cooking chosen, but also to the cleaning of your oven. Food residues, flour and ash deposited inside the oven can alter the job even of the most skilled pizza chefs.

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Any professional pizza oven, firewood, electric, gas or combined, needs specific tools for its management and maintenance. 
Gi.Metal tools to clean the ovens have manageable handles, easy to use, available in 4 different lengths: 120, 150, 180 and 200 cms. The variety of the handles lengths is pretty important to match to your own type of oven, reaching any point in extreme safety, avoiding any scorching.

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