GUGLIELMI - Extra Virgin olive Oil - 250ml - INTENSO

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Size: 250ml
Brand: Guglielmi
Origins: Puglia, Italy
Charaterictics: Created from Coratina olive variety, Monogram Intenso is the ideal olive oil for those who love strong flavors

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“Monogram” is the new line of Olio Guglielmi dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil composed of different types of oil: Leggero, Intenso, Biologico, Fruttato, Fior d’o and Flavored. “Monogram” is born from the desire to mark with a graphic sign a collection dedicated to premium quality extra virgin olive oils, a seal of guarantee of excellence and genuineness.Olives of our groves are cultivated with attention to enhance the territory of Puglia, the secular custodian of culture of the olive tree.

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