CAPUTO - 'Criscito' Flour - 1kg - Bag

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Natural Yeast

Taste and smell more pleasant, longer freshness, and greater digestibility.

PESO 1kg
TIPO FARINA Lievito/Yeast
SHELF LIFE 18 Months

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The dried yeast, also called Criscito, is a natural product made by mixing water and '0' type soft wheat flour and acidified by a complex of yeasts and lactic bacteria, able to start dough fermentation for bakery and pastry products. Since the drying deactivates the yeast, Criscito needs to be reactivated by adding to the dough an active yeast - the one commonly used. 20 to 50 grams per each kilo of flour are needed, in addition to the normal yeast.

This product makes finally extremely simple the preparation of baked products with a natural (mixed) leavening: no more refreshments, waiting days, and conservation problems. The quality of your bakery products will improve: more pleasant taste and smell, longer freshness, and greater digestibility.

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