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Mugnai di Napoli San Felice Traditional Blue flour is a Certified Traditional Neapolitan Pizza flour which presents great stability and water absorption and elasticity. Only needs 8-12 hours fermentation. It is ideal for Neapolitan style pizza for its golden, crispy and soft texture once baked.

PESO 25kg
SHELF LIFE 12 Months
ELASTICITA P/L 0,50/0,60
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Soft wheat flour "type 00" high protein content of grains obtained by mixing National and North-Americans that guarantee a good stability and a high water absorption, ideal for the preparation of doughs which require medium rising times.

This flour, for its particular and sophisticated rheological characteristics, it is appreciated by the best Pizza Chef Masters, not only in Italy but also abroad. The rheological characteristics of the product and its elasticity give it a recognizability that is currently much sought after by pizza masters in Italy and abroad. The Traditional is particularly suitable for pizza makers who work using yeast.

After baking, the pizza comes with a golden color, a strong large bubbles, excellent development of the typical raised rim of the pizza, giving an explosion of flavor on the palate and high digestibility.

The mixture obtained with this flour reaches the "point of pasta" already after 5-7 hours of leavening, in an area of approximately 25 ° C temperature.