SAN FELICE - "RED" 00 Gold Pizza Flour - 25kg - Bag

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Mugnai di Napoli San Felice Gold "00" flour contains high protein content achieved by the blend of the best Italian grain mixed with high quality North American grain. Best results are achieved when subjected to a longer rising period of 12 -24 hours.

PESO 25kg
SHELF LIFE 12 Months
ELASTICITA P/L 0,70/0,80
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The Flour Gold  Line "San Felice" has in it the excellence of the traditional version and an upgrade of the processing performance achieved thanks to higher protein content.

The Gold is a soft wheat flour "type 00" obtained by a particularly thorough mixing of the best wheat National and a higher percentage of the best North-American grains, ideal for the preparation of doughs which require long time to rise and that using cold technology for ripening.

This flour, characterized by high tenacity, is at its best if you do the ripening times of the just who will bring a very soft pizza, fragrant and especially digestible.

The mixture obtained with this flour needs to rise from 12 to 24 hours at a of about 25 ° C temperature.

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