MUGNAI DI NAPOLI - Extra Manitoba Flour - 25kg

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Extra Manitoba Flour is ideal for the production of leavened cakes like Panettone, Doves and Baba.

Weight 25kg
Flour type 0
Protein 16/17%
Shelf life 12 Months
Alveograph Chopin - Strength W 430/450
Elasticity P/L 0,70/0,90
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Mugnai di Napoli San Felice Flour is type "00" flour made from the Manitoba variety of hard wheat usually cultivated in USA and Canada. Ideal for patisseries.

Flour type "0" produced by grinding high percentages of grains Americans as required by applicable law (Law No. 580 of 07.04.1967).

Thanks to the particular protein structure, is suitable for the production of doughs long rising and very often is used for the production of chariot or poolish with many hours of rest.

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