FERRARINI - Azzurro Half Cooked Ham Gluten Free - Approx. 4.200g Price per kg

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FERRARINI - AZZURRO Half Cooked Ham - Gluten Free 

Producing traditional cooked ham since 1956

Ferrarini cooked ham is unique and unmistakable. The secret behind our recipe for unparalleled cooked ham is the brine, which contains 21 carefully chosen aromatic herbs, and the extremely slow steam cooking which reaches the heart of our meats. Ferrarini cooked ham does not contain lactose, milk protein, gluten or added polyphosphates.

Allergen-free ham

Free from added polyphosphates, gluten, milk protein and lactose, Ferrarini has always been synonymous with very high levels of quality and authenticity, two ingredients you will always find in our cooked ham. It is an ideal product for anyone who wants a healthy and balanced diet whilst still enjoying that unique taste. Our cooked ham has adapted to the nutritional needs of Italians for more than 50 years. 

A child’s healthy appetite

Our ham has no added polyphosphates, and is free from gluten, milk protein and lactose. We promise the highest quality, a unique flavour and pure authenticity in all Ferrarini cooked ham. No doubt this is what you experienced when you were a child, and today, if you wish, you can rediscover this flavour every day, allowing the whole family to relive the most simple, true and spontaneous emotions of the past. We offer a timeless taste of emotion.

Slow Cooking 

The meat is cooked in enormous steam ovens at very high temperatures and we ensure that it is slow cooked for a long time.

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FERRARINI - 'Azzurro' Half Cooked Ham_Prosciutto Cotto - Gluten Free - Approx. 4.2kg (price per kg)

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