LUCIANO - Pizza Box White Paper - 2col - 32x32x4  12inch - 100pz

LUCIANO - Pizza Box White Paper - 2col - 32x32x4 12inch - 100pz

Pinsa Box Italia - 32x20x4 - 100pz

Pinsa Box Italia - 32x20x4 - 100pz

Caputo Nuvola Super - 25kg

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Brand: Caputo

Type of Flour: 0

Weight: 25 Kg

Protein: 13,50%

Shelf Life: 12 months

Alveograph Chopin - Strength: W 320-340

Elasticity: P/L 0,50 / 0,60

Tips: Ideal for the preparation of voluminous and cellular doughs, for those who seek the perfection of shapes and flavors in the cornice.

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The main benefit of Caputo Nuvola Super is that it makes an airy, puffy pizza crust.

The reason why it gets a better crust than most other flours, is that it’s designed for higher hydration dough.


Caputo Nuvola vs Caputo Nuvola Super

The main difference between the two is the strength.  While the Caputo Nuvola has a strength of W260-280, Caputo Nuvola Super has a strength of W 320-340. The even higher strength makes it more suitable for longer leave. At more than W 300, it can easily hold up for 48 hours or more. So if you’re looking at long fermentation times, you may want to look into the Super version.

Caputo Nuvola Super is a good choice for biga,  which is an Italian pre-fermentation technique, to enhance flavor. The reason is that when you make biga, you leave it to ferment before mixing it with the rest of the ingredients to form the dough. Extra strength is therefore a benefit.