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Account Application and delivery schedule
When you submit your online application form it will be reviewed by a member of our team and you will be notified as soon as possible to inform you that your account is live and you can start ordering products on the site, or if we are unable to serve you and therefore your account is not activated, we will explain why. YOU WILL BE GIVEN A DELIVERY SCHEDULE BASED ON YOUR POSTCODE. Opening an online account does not entitle you to credit, and all orders must be paid for at time of ordering. If you wish to set up an account with credit terms please call us on 020 8099 3949, or go to where you can fill in an application form online.

Orders and payment
All orders for next-day-delivery must be placed before 12.00 midnight. If your delivery days are Tuesday and Friday for instance, then you must order before midnight on Monday to receive goods on Tuesday, and before midnight on Thursday to receive goods on Friday. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.

Products with variable weight - priced per kilo
Some products, such as whole salami, prosciutto, cooked hams, and some cheeses which are priced per kilo, do not always come in the exact same size and weight. The price shown online is based on the suppliers maximum weight and is the maximum you can ever pay. When you order this type of product it will be weighed and correctly priced and your order will be adjusted accordingly before any money is taken from your bank account, so you will never be overcharged or pay for something you do not get.

Website navigation tips
To help first-time site users with navigation and the checkout process we have produced a pdf. VIEW IT HERE